Four Key Attributes (4C's) of Modern Leaders

The current trend away from large corporations to small businesses and freelancers heralds the rise of individual entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators networked together for mutual benefit and the greater good of local and global communities. Today, teams of socially connected, like-minded and community-focused individuals are intent on using their unique talents and abilities, skills and specialized knowledge and compassion to create wealth for themselves and others by delivering valuable products and services to others in a socially, environmentally conscious, and responsible way. This is a profound shift, and AGILE Methodology systematically empowers practitioners to meet the complex and grand challenges of our lifetime and beyond with Compassion, Competence, Confidence and Commitment. 

Modern Leadership is the embodiment and integration of these four Attributes the AGILE | Ecosystems Methodology refers to as "The 4C's." 



Modern Leaders genuinely care about people. Compassion or “empathy-in-action” is a guiding, core value. They live by the “Golden Rule” and strive to treat others as they want to be treated. They are inspired to action through a working definition of LOVE as Lifting Others Validates Everyone (L.O.V.E.).

Empowered Leadership

Modern Leadership is Empowered Leadership based on the mindset that all effective Modern Leaders acknowledge the inherent value of each person, because they treat people as "valued assets," not just "expendable resources."  AGILE Ecosystems Methodology provides Leadership Training to show STEAM Practitioners how to embrace L.O.V.E. (Lifting Others Validates Everyone) as a generative force for social change as well as the development of technological innovations leading to holistic and transformational socio-economic impact. L.O.V.E. is also the practical basis of what it means to be "Inclusive."


Modern Leaders are Competent and possess the requisite technical skills and abilities needed to realize their personal Mission. What they may not know how to do, they are committed to getting the knowledge, education & training needed and will learn any new information or skills they require to fulfill their unique purpose. Perhaps more importantly, the Servant Leader considers the greater context and timing of their Initiatives and will readily collaborate with others who provide complementary assets and resources for the task at hand.


Modern Leaders are positive and Confident in their ability to perform the unique work of their chosen calling/passion/vocation/project. They believe they will succeed and make a meaningful contribution to their Community and the World. They are ready and willing to use their unique talents, gifts, skills and abilities to create & exchange value with others to serve their own needs, serve others, and to respect, cultivate and protect the environments where they call home.


Modern Leaders are Committed to the process of Transformative Change on every level. They take the long view, and are patient; they are resilient to stay the course of achieving personal, community and global change for The Greater Good. They persist and prevail through negativity and dysfunction to overcome setbacks, confusion and delays to transcend the Status Quo and to achieve Holistic Sustainable Development.