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AGILE: The Integration of Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Ecosystems are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Even without a proper or formal definition of what an ecosystem is, we all have a sense that an ecosystem is something more than just a random collection of people, organizations, assets, resources and more. We know that a community of people and organizations that have a specific common purpose define an ecosystem.

Accelerated Global Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (AGILE) is an innovative approach to analyzing and developing complex ecosystems efficiently. An AGILE | ECOSYSTEM is any collection of dynamic, interconnected processes, structures, assets, and resources organized to Work, Cultivate, Preserve, and Protect vital resource generation need for the survival and growth of the ecosystem.  In fact, one might say that all healthy ecosystems are “AGILE.” To this end, the AGILE Ecosystems Methodology provides practitioners with the mindset and ability to develop, repair, and deploy ecosystems rapidly to provide economic, social and environmental resources sustainably. 

AGILE’s Mission is to empower Innovators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs to serve as global change agents dedicated to collaborating on ways to create socially responsible business ventures as well as sustainable not profit organizations that integrate holistically to change the world for the Greater Good. These practitioners and others within their communities are contributing to the worldwide movement  to make the world better through research, development, innovation, social justice, diversity and inclusion projects, education and leadership training, transformational social initiatives, sustainable technologies and related ventures. 

AGILE accomplishes this Mission through educating and equipping AGILE Practitioners, trained to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) with Compassion  to effect positive change for themselves, their families & communities and The Greater Good.

AGILE Practitioners use STEAM with AGILE Methodology to solve complex problems Holistically.

AGILE Practitioners use STEAM with AGILE Methodology to solve complex problems Holistically.


STEAM Professionals

As a human being, You are the most important Asset to generate economic resources and social capital. How you use your time and other assets can systematically develop Innovation and Marketing Assets resulting in financial & career success, and individual well-being. AGILE Methodology shows STEAM Practitioners how to access the Generative Power of Ecosystems to solve complicated and complex problems.

Non-Profit Organizations

Resource Generation for Non-Profits is actualized when Social Capital is integrated with organization Core Values and aligned with Key Partners, Donors, and Funding sources. AGILE Ecosystems Methodology empowers NPO Leadership to organize better and to clearly communicate the issues that matter most, to assure effective fundraising and impact.  AGILE shows NPO's the Secret of Sustainability.

Businesses & Startups

Businesses that recognize their workforce as valued assets, and are Inclusive and Diverse, can increase innovation and marketing productivity that has a measured and significant impact on the Bottom Line. AGILE Methodology shows Business Owners, Corporate Managers & Executives and Entrepreneurs how to apply the Resilience, Robustness, and Sustainability of Ecosystems in their ventures.


Professional Development

AGILE Ecosystem Frameworks, Training Programs and Coaching for Individual Innovation & Marketing Asset Development

Transformational Leadership Training

AGILE Ecoystem Frameworks, Training Programs and Coaching for 3-Person AGILE Cohorts for Systematic and Holistic Resource Generation

Strategic Planning and Consulting

AGILE Ecosystem Frameworks, Ecosystem Strategic Planning, Consulting & Support for Transformational Results using AGILE Ecosystems Methodology


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