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AGILE Ecosystem Methodology

AGILE Ecosystems uses a novel and powerful Methodology that uses a precise mathematical model and unique process to identify, create, develop, integrate and optimize any Ecosystem. AGILE Ecosystems Methodology can be applied to generate economic and social Resources holistically in virtually any ecosystem based on living things including people. AGILE Ecosystems Methodology should not be confused with the popular Agile Methodology used to develop software applications. 

Strategic Asset Development

AGILE Ecosystem Methodology posits that every authentic ecosystem only has two key developmental processes business people recognize as MARKETING and INNOVATION. Every ecosystem is founded on two types of "Asset Owners" or "Asset Stakeholders" who INTEGRATE their Marketing and Innovation ASSETS to generate RESOURCES that can be consumed by each other, and the Ecosystem's RESOURCE PRODUCERS, who are also "ASSET Owners" in their own right.

Holistic Resource Generation

Our Training Programs, Consulting Practice Areas, and Educational Products & Services are all based on our unique process of identifying and developing STRATEGIC ASSETS (Marketing & Innovation) for Individuals, Non-Profit & Religious Organizations, and Businesses. AGILE Methodology can rapidly reorganize existing organizations to leverage the power and sustainable resource generation capacity and holistic outputs of Ecosystems. We transform businesses and NPO's into sustainable Ecosystems, as in Nature.

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The increasingly complex and “wicked” economic, social and environmental problems of our time demand a systematic and holistic way to harvest the collective genius resident within each of us, to save all of us. AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS Methodology provides the mindset and capability to address and solve complex challenges in all types of environments. 


AGILE | FRAMEWORKS capture the Wisdom of Nature to systematically model, create, repair and transform human Ecosystems to sustain Personal, Community and Global Change for The Greater Good. AGILE | FRAMEWORKS based on the AGILE | METHODOLOGY offers a unique and powerful approach to organize, understand, design and optimize complex ecosystems driving holistic solutions.


The AGILE | METHODOLOGY provides a mathematically precise and systematic approach to identify, map, design, optimize and scale all types of ecosystems. AGILE achieves aligned, holistic, sustainable and equitable outcomes for all Asset Owners and Resource Producers, or “Stakeholders” within all varieties of ecosystems, and is powered by STEAM-Trained Practitioners. 


  The AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS are scalable and modular such that complicated and complex initiatives can be analyzed, designed and deployed within myriad environments. Whether operating within the human body, a city, company, country, solar system, galaxy or whatever, the same methodology can be deployed to the given scale in Time & Space.


An Ecosystem’s purpose is fulfilled when it sustainably generates Resources for all of it’s Stakeholders, Asset Owners and Producers. Ecosystems are organized by Stakeholders who recruit and equitably incentivize other Asset Owners to create Agreements to use their combined assets to generate resources for each other and the environment and it’s other inhabitants.


AGILE | PRACTITIONERS are those who have embraced the integration of Compassion and Empathy into all dimensions of human interaction, especially in business. AGILE | COHORTS are the systematic and necessary partnership of three AGILE | PRACTITIONERS to define an AGILE | ECOSYSTEM, committed to The Greater Good empowered by spiritual values based on L.O.V.E.


Health & Family Services

Health & Family Services Organizations support AGILE Initiatives in Urban Centers: i.e., Unity House of Troy.

Marketing Associations

Progressive Marketing Associations support Businesses including Holistic Ventures: i.e.,  Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation Centers support Venture Product Dev. and Manufacturing: i.e., Berkshire Innovation Center

Real Estate & Environment

RE/Environmental includes working with Municipalities & NPO's to Collaborate with Citizens, Funding Sources, Land Owners and Potential Property buyers to develop vital Urban Communities: i.e., City of Troy

Media & Communications

Diverse and Inclusive Media and Communications Organizations support Local, Regional, National and International News, Journalism and Information Sharing: i.e., WAMC Public Radio

Arts & Entertainment

Diverse and Inclusive Arts & Entertainment Organizations supports Entertainment, Education and Local and Regional Economic Development with National and International cultural influences: i.e., Proctors

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