The Education and Training Mission of AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS

AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS recruits and trains qualified STEAM-trained, Modern Leaders who are open to growing as Compassionate Innovators and Entrepreneurs, to become Practitioners of the AGILE | METHODOLOGY. The overarching Mission of AGILE is to Change the World for The Greater Good through transforming negative ecosystems based on fear and scarcity to positive ecosystems based on Inclusion and Diversity leading to Social Equality and Economic Equity. AGILE Empowers these Regenerative Justice Attributes and their outcomes by showing STEAM Practitioners and others how to Lift Others to Validate Everyone (L.O.V.E.).

Education and Training Resources

To accomplish this Mission, the AGILE | ECOSYSTEMS is developing online courses, training workshops, special events, topical webinars and other human and digital resources for aspiring AGILE | Practitioners. The focus of these Education & Training programs is to cultivate Innovation and Marketing Asset Development skills for STEAM trained practitioners. 

Regenerative Justice Resources

AGILE Innovation and Marketing Asset Development cultivates the mindset, ability and courage to address and overcome social injustice in all of its forms with Grace and Forgiveness. AGILE accomplishes this through a novel form of social justice, which AGILE Ecosystems Methodology identifies as "Regenerative Justice." This holistic and generative form of social justice shows individuals and organizations how to work together in 3-person or 3-organization Cohorts to sustainably generate Spiritual, Social and Economic Resources for oneself, Cohort members and other individuals and organizations within a Community.

AGILE Ecosystems Methodology empowers STEAM Practitioners to Lift Others and Validates Everyone.

AGILE Ecosystems Methodology empowers STEAM Practitioners to Lift Others and Validates Everyone.

Focused Professional Development

The ultimate purpose of these activities is to prepare STEAM Trained Modern Leaders to hone their skills and abilities to maximize their potential and productivity in their chosen fields of holistic value creation as individuals or members of organizations. STEAM is the way in which human beings can change the natural world by destroying it, or by managing and sustaining it. AGILE Practitioners choose the latter. More specifically, these education and training resources are designed to help compassionate STEAM Practitioners to prepare to join with two other AGILE Practitioners to create Holistic Ventures, and/or to coordinate ecosystem transformative processes within non-profits and traditional businesses. 

The current paradigm of social injustice and the unsustainable concentration of wealth and power drives individuals to compete for "scarce resources." On the other hand, AGILE shatters the illusion of lack and shows individuals and organizations how to harness the Natural Law of Ecosystems to systematically generate the resources needed for communities of individuals and organizations/groups to Survive, Sustain and to Thrive.

Holistic Venture Exploration and Modeling

Holistic Ventures are empowered by three-person Cohorts to generate spiritual, social and economic resources needed for individual member higher self-actualization, smooth integration with the other AGILE Cohort members, and to generate Forgiveness and Grace to empower Regenerative Justice leading to transformational relationships in Urban communities.